Vintage 80's Chico necklace


Pink Ice- beadwoven necklace


Viking Queen- handmade OOAK necklace


The Celtic Mermaid- resin pendant necklace


Unicorn Dreams- handmade artisan necklace


Melody in Purple & Green- beadwoven handmade necklace


The Silver Starfish- handmade artisan necklace


Dream in Blue- handmade artisan necklace


Pele- handmade artisan necklace


Siren- handmade artisan necklace


Old Lace- OOAK beadwoven necklace


The Black Seahorse- bead embroidery necklace


The Forest Primeval- handmade, ooak beadwoven necklace


Key to the Magic Forest- handmade, ooak necklace


Faith- handmade, ooak beaded necklace


Blue Jeans Baby- handmade, ooak beaded necklace


Victoria- handmade artisan necklace


The Magic of the Sea- handmade artisan necklace


Evening Tidal Pool- handmade artisan necklace


She Who Loves the Sea- handcrafted artisan necklace


For the Love of Vintage- handcrafted artisan necklace


FireSpirit Designs

Welcome to FireSpirit Designs. I'm a self-representing, free-lance artist/designer & photographer. Everything in my shop is made by me. My art to wear is always made with quality & longevity in mind. I hope you enjoy your look around my shop & thank you for your visit! :) PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL ART SHOWN ON THIS WEBSITE IS ORIGINAL & COPYRIGHT IS HELD BY ME. My art has embedded copyright info.